Terror starts at the edge of town…

Take the haunted bus to the center of it all...

Mr. Wiggle's Woodshop

Dr. Dooms Science Room

Prom Night Massacre

The Detention Fields

And walk the lonely streets, the leaves rattling in the chilly autumn night.

Beware of the restless spirits quickening, crossing paths with the undead on the way from here to there.

This is School District 13, where the veils between worlds wear thin and rife with the echoes of a heinous past.


Poor Man's Pass (1 Haunt) $10.00
Coward's Pass (2 Haunts) $16.00
Freak's Pass (3 Haunts) $22.00
Dead Man's Pass (4 Haunts) $25.00

What’s included with your ticket:

Coach Slappy’s Scary Bus Ride – Located at the ticket booth near the water tower, Coach Slappy Bus Ride is always an experience! Ride with the souls of students who never made it to the big game…

Haunted Brule- Ours is the only haunted town in the whole United States. Take the bus to State Street where strange and unusual beings stalk the sidewalks.

Lost Soul Train Ride – Located in the park, the Lost Soul Train will take you on a tour of the village.

Hot food and drinks are available throughout the attraction. Come hungry! Leave satisfied!

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