We’ve done corn field mazes before. In fact, many years ago, before we started School District 13, Cornstalk Haunted Attraction was based entirely on our annual corn field maze. It was easy to put together a corn maze on the Cornstalk farm because we were surrounded on all sides by fields of corn. But after moving our haunt attraction from a farm outside of Grant, NE to the small town of Brule, NE, finding an appropriate field of corn became much more challenging. It had to be close enough to the city for patrons to be transported back and forth via Hay Rack Ride, but still far enough away from all the action in town to be truly scary. In 2016, we’ve finally found the perfect spot of a corn maze.

Everyone knows that the whole town of Brule is haunted. The bus transports people from the admissions building through town to the school haunts as well as the park, and the Prom Night Massacre. The hay rack ride transports people through town from the admissions building to the corn field maze and back. There are FIVE haunted attractions in Brule this year. And on top of that, the streets of the town are haunted!

If you don’t believe it, come see for yourself! School District 13 is THE place to celebrate Halloween this year!