School District 13 is one of the most unique haunted attractions in the nation, where the whole town is haunted, four to five haunted houses are featured annually as well as ghost hunting opportunities for amateur ghost hunters and more (like the haunted bus ride and hay rack ride, food, and other activities). Because School District 13 Haunted Attraction is so unique, a group of students from the University of Nebraska decided to visit in 2017 to create a short media project about the attraction


On location, the students got to explore the entire School District 13 event from the time of set-up through the end of the festival, which takes place during final weekend or weekends of October (depending on the year). Though School District 13 is primarily known for its four haunted houses: The Prom Night Massacre, Dr. Doom’s Science Room, Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop, and The Detention Fields, it’s also known as one of the authentically haunted places in Nebraska. The college students were able to learn more about the most haunted rooms in the Old School in Brule (the coal shed and boiler room), as well as the Tour of Strange Experiences, a new addition to School District 13 this year, which featured some activities centering around “weird brain science” developed by a hypnotist from Colorado.


We were happy to host the college students from the University of Nebraska for this project! Having fresh blood at this event keeps things interesting. This year, both patrons and volunteers were interviewed about their experiences at School District 13, either behind-the-scenes or as people enjoying the front-end of the festival.


In contrast to other haunted attractions in the United States, each year, we make a number of big changes to the event to keep things fresh and to draw an evolving crowd of volunteers and patrons. School District 13 is not just about scaring the holy living daylights out of people, but also about capturing the full experience of Halloween, the autumn season, and the exhilarating sense of change that happens between fall and winter this time of year in Nebraska. We like to provide our patrons and our volunteers with an opportunity to escape from the normal daily grind. Whenever we have young people working on positive and innovative new ideas at our event, we appreciate what this adds to the experience for everyone.


Visit this link to check out the UNL student project from 2017!