Is there food available at School District 13?

We have hot food, hot drinks, sweet treats, and more available at School District 13! You can roast hot dogs and make s’mores over an open fire or just go straight for the freshly baked cinnamon rolls and decadent sugar cookies. We have popcorn, hot cider, and other goodies available, so come hungry and leave happy!

Is School District 13 a kid-friendly attraction?

Yes! But we recommend that kids under age 10 be accompanied at all times by their parent/guardian. Though our haunts are rated PG-13, the chicken coop, Coach Slappy’s bus ride, park activities, and the streets are all rated PG (parental guidance recommended). Our street actors are strange or funny instead of being scary

For young children, glow sticks (magic wands) are available at the admission building on Sunday night. Kids can wave the magic wand at scare actors inside the haunted attractions and the scare actors will retreat and leave them alone.

When is the best time for families with young kids to attend School District 13?

Saturdays and Fridays are our busiest nights at School District 13, but on Sunday night, we can cater more easily to families with young kids. On these nights, kids can get a glow stick at the admission building to ward off scary monsters inside the haunts.

I’m on a budget. Are there any discounts available at School District 13?

We offer haunt packages for any budget. There are many ways to find “dollar off” coupons too… keep your ears and eyes open!

Also, we offer a 5% discount for groups of 12 or more. The group discount is only available by calling us 48 hours in advance at 385-213-1313.

I’m scared to go inside any of the haunts. Will School District 13 still be fun for me?

Absolutely! Buy a “Bus Pass” at the admission building and you ride on Coach Slappy’s bus, take a tour of the decorated homes in town via the Lost Soul Train, and walk through the Photo Forest at Barton Park. Buy a hot dog and s’mores at The Chicken Coop or grab some hot cocoa and a freshly baked cinnamon roll. All of these activities are fun and unusual, but not scary.

I have a large group of friends who would like to go to the haunts together. Are there group rates available at School District 13?

There are groups rates at School District 13 for groups of 12 or more individuals. We offer a 5% discount, but, the group rate is only available if you call at least 48 hours in advance so we can put your name on a list at the admissions building.